Light-duty diesel vehicles offer versatility and performance which smaller vehicles can’t, here at Spencers Auto & Diesel, we offer everything you need to keep your diesel truck, van, or work vehicle well maintained and always ready to perform. Performing regular maintenance and repair services on your light-duty diesel will help prevent any larger problems later down the road. We know how important your light-duty vehicle is to you, whether you use it for work or for weekend hobbies, Spencers Auto & Diesel will keep your vehicle operating at its peak level of performance.

While most modern vehicles can now go for longer periods of time between the recommended service intervals, it’s still important to keep in mind that this depends on how and where your vehicle is used. The recommended service intervals and maintenance suggestions are based on “ideal driving conditions”. When your vehicle is under a lot of strain due to the Florida heat, towing, or long stop and go commutes, you no longer fall under the ideal driving conditions laid out by manufacturers, and this will significantly shorten the time between suggested maintenance and service intervals.

At Spencers Auto & Diesel, we know that each of our customers are different, that’s why we take the time to learn about you and your light-duty diesel vehicle, so we can understand your vehicles duties, and make recommendations on how often your vehicle should be seen by a mechanic in order to keep both you and your vehicle safe, and reliable.


You drive a light-duty diesel vehicle because of its longevity, towing capacity, and rugged versatility as either a commercial or family vehicle. Light-duty diesel vehicles have a specific set of repair and maintenance requirements, and not every mechanic has the right equipment to handle repairs and maintenance on your light-duty diesel vehicle.

Spencer, the owner, has a seasoned background working with high volume corporate automotive repair shops before opening his own shop. This experience has given him the opportunity to diagnose and repair nearly every type of vehicle on the road, as well as help, instill the corporate structure required to run a successful mechanic shop as a small business owner.

When you need repairs or maintenance work done on your diesel truck or vehicle in Ocala, Florida, the choice easy, stop in and get a no-obligation repair quote from the experts at Spencers Auto & Diesel. Our mechanics are ASE-certified technicians who can handle any type of car repairs or maintenance work required on your light-duty diesel (or anything else for that matter) – while delivering service with a smile.

Quality Light Duty Diesel Repairs at a Fair Price

At Spencers Auto & Diesel, we don’t sell you a line or unnecessary repairs to run up your bill. We’ll give you a straightforward diagnosis that’s backed by years of high-volume experience which allows us to troubleshoot most issues that can be overlooked by a craigslist mechanic or “a friend of a friend” who works on cars. Save yourself the money and the headache and hire a quality diesel mechanic the first time.

Dependable Light Duty Diesel Repairs by Honest Technicians

At Spencers Auto & Diesel, our techs work on diesel engines and vehicles every day, have the education to make repairs the right way the first time; and most importantly, have the passion it takes to make us the best auto repair shop in town. With our specialized diagnostic equipment and repair tools, we offer a full complement of light-duty diesel repairs on all makes and models.

Whether your Chevy Duramax has a transfer case problem, your Ford Powerstroke requires an axle shaft replacement or your 3500 Cummins Diesel RAM truck requires a spark plug extraction, Spencers Auto & Diesel can do it all.

Your diesel vehicle has heavy-duty responsibilities. We know that you count on your vehicle to work when you need it; whether you use your truck to get to work or while you’re at work.

Reliable Service From Your Diesel Mechanic Should Be The Norm

At Spencers Auto & Diesel, we understand that it can be inconvenient trying to coordinate your light-duty diesel repairs around your work or family schedule, that’s why we work around your schedule to ensure your visit and repairs are carried out with as little hassle and inconvenience to you as possible.

We consider it a privilege that clients are willing to put their trust in us for reliable auto repair and we don’t take it likely. Check out our Facebook reviews to hear what others have to say.

Proactive Maintenance on your Diesel Vehicle is important.

Whether you have a commercial fleet of Ford Transit Cargo Vans working for your business on a daily basis, or you are using a Dodge Chasis Cab Truck to haul loads for personal projects, your light-duty diesel vehicle is not immune to hazards of the roads. Everyday wear and tear can lead to huge problems down the line. Having repairs carried out when it’s obvious there is a problem is not the only thing you can do to ensure your vehicle is always performing at peak performance.

Making sure you have your vehicle maintained with a regular maintenance schedule will add years onto your vehicle’s life. Don’t let your steering keep pulling one way, don’t let your transmission keep on struggling from gear to gear. Do what’s necessary to ensure you get great performance for years to come. Light duty diesel repairs in Ocala, Florida, do not get any better than at Spencers Auto & Diesel. Give our team a call on (352) 629-0072 or stop on by today.

What we consider “light-duty diesel” (You’ll get a different answer from everyone you ask).

We don’t work on semi-trucks, but most other types of diesel vehicles will fall in this category.

Our motto : If we can get it on the rack, we can fix it.

Here are some of the most popular makes and models: