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*Includes up to 5 quartz of blended motor oil and standard filter. Free 16-Pt Inspection.

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*Per Axle. Light-duty vehicles only. Includes ceramic brake pads, turning rotors & caliper inspection.

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*Light-duty diesel engines only. Free 16-Pt Inspection.

Light Duty Diesel Oil Change

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Our ASE Certified Mechanics service most make and model cars, trucks & light duty diesels.

We service most make and models.

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At Spencer’s, we service most make & model cars and trucks, and specialize in Ford Vehicles and Light Duty Diesel Engine repair.

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We love what we do here at Spencer’s and the entire team takes pride in going above and beyond for each project – no shortcuts here. Our work speaks for itself.

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Car Repair & General Auto Mechanic Services in Ocala, FL

Here at Spencers Auto & Diesel in Ocala, FL, we provide a number of general auto mechanic services to keep your vehicle running properly at all times. All mechanical work is completed by our certified, expert auto repair and service technicians who have many years of expertise in performing a wide variety of auto mechanical work, from simple oil changes to entire engine overhauls.

When we make repairs or replacements on your vehicle, we use only the highest quality replacement parts, components, oils and filters. Our high-tech diagnostic equipment makes sure that we are able to correctly identify any issues with your vehicle so that all problems are successfully repaired/serviced the first time around.

Our Car Repair & Mechanic Services Include:

Air Conditioning

The last thing you want during the hot Florida summers is to have your air conditioning system not functioning as well as it could, or even worse, not functioning at all! All air conditioning systems deteriorate over time, pipes can clog and drip, fluids can leak, there are a number of problems that can occur which prevent your A/C system functioning at an optimal level.

If you notice your A/C system is on the decline, for example, the air isn’t as cool as it used to be, or the air has a damp or musty smell, low airflow even at high speed settings on the fan, or if your A/C is only blowing out hot air, then get in touch with us and we will perform a complete service of your A/C system, diagnosing the problem and getting that ice cold air flowing inside your cabin again.

Brake Repair

Brakes are a critical safety feature on your vehicle. Braking systems are made up of three parts; the caliper, the rotor, and the brake pads. If your brake pads start wearing out, you need to replace them immediately. As soon as you notice that your brakes are in less than optimal condition, you need to make an appointment and have them checked by a qualified mechanic.

Our brake services and repairs include Anti-Lock braking systems, brake hoses, brake fluid flushes, brake pad replacements, caliper replacements, and rotor resurfacing.

Electrical Services

Our electrical repair and maintenance services make sure that all of the electrical components in your vehicle are working as they should be, this includes things such as alternators, batteries, starter motors, your vehicle’s computer, engine light issues, engine controls, and computers which control things related to your vehicle’s drivability. Electronics play a huge part in making everything in your vehicle work as it should. We have high-tech diagnostic equipment that can perform a quick and thorough scan of your vehicle to determine if you have any electrical faults, then we can advise you on what needs to be done in order to rectify these issues.

Emission Problems

Problems with your emission can lead to poor fuel mileage performance, and it can have a negative effect on the environment if your vehicle is emitting more pollutants than it should be. Your emission system is responsible for ensuring a clean and efficient performance of your engine, regardless of the driving conditions.

If you notice excess emissions coming from your exhaust, or if you have a flashing light on your dashboard, these could be indicators that it’s time to get your emissions system checked out by a qualified mechanic.

Engine Maintenance & Check Engine Light Diagnostic

Preventative maintenance is vital in order to prolong the lifespan of any cart part, and your engine is no different. Engines wear down over time, they are not built to last forever, but you can extend the life of your engine if you keep it well maintained. The easiest thing you can do from home is to make sure your engine oil is always topped up and that the color looks good. However, you should have your engine checked by an expert fairly regularly too, they can diagnose issues that a novice can’t, saving you money in the future by preventing any damage to your engine now.

Tire Replacement

Your tires are an incredibly important part of your vehicle, they keep your car connected to the road, and without a set of decent tires, important safety technologies like electronic stability control and anti-lock brakes are not able to perform their jobs effectively.

The single biggest thing you can do for your tires at home, is to make sure they always have enough tread. If the tread is too low, then your tires will not be able to grip the road as well as they should. This becomes particularly dangerous in poor weather conditions.

We offer a number of services to help you keep your tires in optimal condition, including wheel alignments, balancing, and repairs.

Transmission Services

Whether you have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission, Spencers Auto & Diesel have the tools and the know-how to diagnose any problems you may be having, and make the appropriate repairs or replacements to keep your transmissions functioning smoothly.

If you notice any issues with your transmission, such as problems with shifting gears, stalling, slipping, service lights on your dashboard, or fluid leaking, then you need to get it looked at by an expert ASAP. Your transmission is connected to a number of key parts in your vehicle, and if the transmission is not working properly, then your safety can be at risk.

Diesel Mechanic Repair Services

We specialize in working on light and medium-duty diesel engines. This covers most diesel trucks and work vans. Learn more about our diesel repair services here.

This is just a selection of the mechanical services and repairs provided by us here at Spencers Auto & Diesel. Whatever issue you are having with your vehicle, give us a call on (352) 629-0072, or stop on by today and we will diagnose any issues with your vehicle, giving you a fair quote to get the repairs/service done quickly and professionally.