Car & Truck Repair In Ocala, FL.

Spencer’s Auto & Diesel Repair is located just minutes from downtown Ocala in the Magnolia Business District. We offer a full-line of general mechanic services and work on just about any make and model car, truck or light duty diesel vehicle.

We’ve listed the details for a few of our more popular services here, but we offer a lot of other mechanic services. Give us a shout if you don’t find what you’re looking for.

Brake Repair Service

Your brakes are a vital part of your vehicles safety system. Sure it sounds obvious, but it’s good to consider when deciding who to hire for brake repair.

The mechanics here at Spencer’s are ASE Certified, which means they have all been taught and tested at the highest level of automotive repair.

Our team takes pride in each project we perform. We have the knowledge and equipment to make brake repairs to nearly any make or model car, truck or light-duty vehicles.

Check Engine Light & Automotive Diagnostic Service

It’s easy to ignore your check engine light, but doing so can cause a simple repair to become an expensive repair. Bring your car or truck by the shop for free check engine light testing.

Our diagnostic equipment tests for factory fault codes given off by your vehicle’s computer system. These codes can often tell you the specific issue or at least point us in the right direction for further diagnostic testing.

Scheduled Car Maintenance Service

Keep your vehicle in tip-top shape with factory schedule maintenance servicing. The minor checkups don’t seem like a big deal, but they are key to preventative maintenance.

Bring your car or truck in and we’ll perform all of the factory recommended services and save you the high-cost of visiting the dealership. All car and truck repair services are performed by an ASE Certified Mechanic.

Light Duty Diesel Repair Mechanic In Ocala

At Spencer’s Auto & Diesel Repair, we specialize in light duty diesel engine repairs on cars, trucks (up to 1-ton). Brands we service include Ford Powerstroke and Chevy Duramax Diesel Engines.